Everything You Need To Know For Your Photoshoot in Paris

Before stepping into the crazy world of wedding planning, take some time to appreciate your engagement – what better way to do that than having a photoshoot in Paris? Not only will you witness the unmatched beauty of the City of Love, but you’ll also end up with timeless mementos that will take you back to a sweet moment in time.

However, some of you may have never had professional photos taken before, and they thought it might cause some anxiety. But there’s not a thing you should worry about! Usually, your photographer will take care of everything and provide you with several options as well. So, to get the most out of your stunning photoshoot in Paris, I have prepared a few tips that will surely come in handy!



Mornings in Paris are impressive – the aroma permeating from the boulangeries, along with the sight of the sun rays peaking through the mesmerizing architecture, indeed makes for an idyllic setting. Naturally, a Parisian morning will be the ultimate backdrop for your engagement session. That said, the wake-up call should be pretty early, and you also need to give yourself plenty of time for hair and makeup. You do not want to miss the sunrise!



For us photographers, lighting is the trickiest part of a shoot. While we can easily set it up in all kinds of ways in the studio, when it comes to shooting outdoors, we need to chase the sun – sometimes, literally! Now, I’ve already mentioned how beautiful Parisian mornings are, but wait till you see the sunset! However, if you have a specific idea in mind, you need to go into detail with your vision. That’s why I create a personalized itinerary and timeline for each of my clients, depending on your specific needs and venue of choice.



Even on a white-hot summer day, the nights in Paris tend to get a little chilly. If you’re looking for travel tips in the city, bringing a jacket will come as a priority. This is especially important since you’ll be standing outside for a pretty long time. Also, bring your most comfortable shoes with you. Sometimes, going from one point to another in the city does require a fair share of walking – now, imagine doing it in heels!



Parisians like to take things slow on the weekends, allowing themselves to sleep in late, have their breakfast at lunchtime, and so on. This will especially work in your favor for your photoshoot in Paris! Since most people will be in their homes, the city will not be as busy as usual, ensuring your session runs seamlessly. Because of this, commuting is also really easy!



Speaking of crowded cities, we are all aware of how busy Paris is practically all the time! Now, from my experience, one of the best tips for Paris I could give you is that summers are particularly quiet, as most of the locals, as well as other travelers, are aiming for more tropical and beachy areas. So, use this to your advantage and book your photoshoot in August. This is when the city is most tranquil yet still vibrant. This kind of atmosphere will pop out in the pictures, making them ethereal.



Think of it this way, since Paris is a city that attracts all kinds of people, therefore, it is best to be cautious. There are thieves – which is nothing out of the ordinary, so don’t bring anything you wouldn’t need for the shoot. For example, you won’t need your passport or travel bags, and you certainly don’t need to bring your wallet packed with everything essential – nor bring all of your cash and cards. Naturally, Paris is safe for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious, right?

I hope that you find these photoshoot tips helpful! As I said before, I know Paris in the back of my hand, therefore my services are always personalized for your unique needs. Even if your vision may seem impossible, I will make it happen! With that in mind, don’t hesitate to contact me about your photoshoot in Paris!

A bientôt,