5 Outfit Ideas For Your Photoshoot In Paris

Félicitations on your engagement – your hand feels slightly different now, doesn’t it? 

Before diving into wedding preparation, take the time to enjoy this moment, as you’ll quickly realize it doesn’t last too long. Now, you’ve probably gathered all of your closest ones to celebrate the occasion, and the pictures that you’ve taken are proof of your raving time. However, since this moment in time deserves a commemoration of its own, you should consider having an engagement shoot.

For most couples, finding a suitable venue and a perfectly-fit photographer is the first step. Being one myself, however, I always advise soon-to-be-weds to take the extra mile and elevate their shoot beyond compare. That said, how does a photoshoot in Paris sound?

As you’re aware, Paris oozes romance from every corner – simply, no place comes close to it. Apart from mesmerizing architecture and magnifique experiences, the City of Love is the fashion capital of the world, dictating all the latest trends you see around on the streets. Since your pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris needs to fit in with the atmosphere of the dazzling city, coming up with the attire for it can be exhausting. 

To simplify your search, I’ve gathered some outfit inspiration to blend perfectly with the city, embodying the French art de vivre. Take a look!



I can imagine you’re picturing yourself in a gorgeous white gown for your wedding – so why not take a test run? For your photoshoot in Paris, you can choose from various white dresses, especially if you want to fully embrace the “traditional” wedding aesthetic. Pick a long, elegant dress for a classic approach, while a short silk gown with a flowing train will perfectly suit modern soon-to-be brides.



The beauty of engagement shoots is that they can be quite casual and still look as impressive as formal ones. That said, you can wear dresses or ensembles that scream in color, showing off your playful and whimsical side. Additionally, you can still achieve elegance by picking out a soft, pastel color for your attire and pairing it with a delicate yet eye-catching accessory. Whichever option you go for, rest assured that romance will most definitely pop out in the pictures!



As the French would say, you can never go wrong with a petite robe noire. If you’re aiming for a striking look, choosing black for your attire will look sophisticated and luxurious. For a fully opulent look, try including intricate jewelry featuring hints of gold or silver – just never two at the same time! That kind of combination for your photoshoot in Paris is a real faux pas.



Paris is especially beautiful in the spring and summer, so if you’re looking for engagement outfit ideas, include a few floral and tropical prints in your search as well. For instance, a maxi dress adorned with subtle floral details will look ethereal behind the gorgeous Parisian cityscape.



While the previous options are not only suitable for Paris, they can fit in almost every setting. However, if you’re going for the full Parisian look, go for the classic trench and statement-making heels. Since it is a staple in Parisian fashion, the timeless elegance of a trench will never go out of style, meaning that you can’t go wrong with this pairing.


As a bonus, I also recommend bringing a couple of accessories as well, like sunglasses, hats, and/or clutches. Not only will they accentuate your entire look, but they can also be used as posing props as well. This especially comes in handy for camera-shy people – a simple sway with your clutch in hand will make quite the difference!

I hope these engagement outfit ideas have piqued your inspiration – I can already feel you have about a hundred choices in mind! Once you’ve picked THE ONE (or several), head to my contact page and book your photoshoot in Paris. I know that we’ll make magic together! 


A bientôt,