10 pose ideas that will make you look fabulous for your photoshoot in Paris

For most of you, your photoshoot in Paris will be the first time you’re photographed professionally with your partner. And, while the experience is certainly thrilling, it might cause some stress for some. As you know, some people feel like they’ve been born in front of the camera, looking picture-perfect every single time. On the other hand, others feel so awkward with a lens pointed at them that they simply don’t know what to do.

If you fall into the latter group, there’s nothing you need to worry about! While you may not have a natural camera-ready ability,  with a bit of guidance, your photos will end up looking divine. That’s why, today, I’ve created this posing guide for your photoshoot in Paris, featuring 10 poses that will make you and your beau look fabulous.



Your engagement represents the start of an exciting life chapter, where you and your partner will paint the world in your own colors – together. Symbolically, you can do this pose for your couples photoshoot, with hands locked, looking deeply in love. With the right outfit choices (which I have covered, too), your photos will look divine!



Sometimes all it takes is to look deeply into your partners’ eyes, and you instantly remember why you love them so much. So instead of thinking of the camera peering at you, just gaze into your partner – the adoration will make up for stunning pictures.



A quick twirl as the breeze flows through your hair creates such a romantic sight. To ease the jitters, both of you can opt for a delicate dance. With every graceful move you make, you’re creating the ultimate setting, perfectly in pair with the elegance of Paris.


Simply, you can sit down on a chair or a bench, and your partner can stand behind you, having your back through good times and bad. Otherwise, you can sit together and pose in all sorts of different ways – your photographer will guide you toward the perfect one.



The City of Love is a true embodiment of drama – going for the same vibe for your pre-wedding shoot is essential! Lift your partner in the air, or be the one lifted. Either way, it will look straight out of a fairy tale.



When posing, people are generally confused about what to do with their hands. This is where props come of great help! By picking up a bouquet, pair of sunglasses or a clutch, not only will they look stunning, but they can also be the ideal pick-me-ups when your hands feel oddly placed.



Almost every time, spontaneous photos end up looking better than highly-staged ones. So, for your couples photoshoot, give your partner a soft kiss and a warm embrace, and be playful with each other – like the camera isn’t even there. You’ll be amazed by the results!



While your hands are locked together, you can walk toward the camera for a striking effect. Alternatively, suppose you’re having your photoshoot in Paris during sunset ( the best time for a shoot!). In that case, you can walk towards the sun – the mesmerizing hues of the orange sky, along with your love, will result in magical pictures.



If you’re aiming toward a more sophisticated and editorial-like shoot, you’ll need to pick up a few poses from models. This is the perfect option for camera-ready people who know how to flirt with the lens.



Remember how I told you that spontaneity is everything for couples’ photoshoots? There’s nothing more beautiful than being yourself, so let your personality and love shine through the camera! When you don’t think about posing and do what comes naturally instead, your photos will end up looking magnifique!


These are only a handful of poses you can do for your photoshoot in Paris. However, your photographer will guide the ones that work best for you! Don’t stress about it – once you get comfortable, it will be one of the most thrilling experiences! Now, all that’s left is to head to my contact page, book a shoot with me, and use these gorgeous poses in practice!

A bientôt,